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Wales, the perfect study location!

Wales is a part of the UK and is found to the west of England. Its weather is nearly the same as the rest of the UK, but can change quite quickly! Its population is around 3 million people, who speak mostly English and Welsh. The capital city is called Cardiff.

A Short History

Wales has an interesting history. There are museums with statues from the time when Wales was a pagan nation, and many castles which were built to protect the country. Event such as the Industrial Revolution changed the land too, and we invite you to explore our rich heritage.

A Sporting Nation

In Wales, we are very passionate about sport. We have one of the best rugby teams in the world, and it is in fact the national sport. Wales also has excellent football teams and, for the first time ever, Wales will take part in the Euro 2016 tournament.
Cycling and other extreme sports, such as rock-climbing and surfing, are very popular amongst people who enjoy the outdoors. There are also many hiking trails for the adventurous. And, if you wish to join in but have a disability, there are fantastic sporting facilities free for you to use as well.


The Land of Film and Music

Art takes many shapes in Wales, but the Welsh people have given a lot to the world in music and film. We have world-famous singers who have sold platinum albums in many different countries, as well as singers who have chosen to stay local. For the film-lovers, many well-known actors and actresses come from Wales.


  • Tom Jones

  • Shirley Bassey

  • Bonnie Tyler

  • The Automatic

  • The Stereophonics

  • Duffy

  • Marina and the Diamonds

Actors & Actresses

  • Richard Burton

  • Anthony Hopkins

  • Catherine Zeta-Jones

  • Michael Sheen

  • Luke Evans

  • loan Gryffydd

  • Rhys lfans

The Welsh Culture

If you are looking for culture, then look no further than Wales. British culture is a big part of the country as well, but with the extra bonus of Welsh culture - which is unique and brings something special to your stay. There are cultural festivals throughout the year celebrating Wales as a country.
This is a very magical place and folklore has been passed down as stories by people throughout each generation. Even spiritual love tales, such as Llyn Y Fan Fach, have been handed down.

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