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Wales, the perfect study location!

Trinity UK ­is a young, vibrant and dynamic educational provider in the EFL market accredited by The British Council and with a 25 year background and experience in the Educational Travel market. Our motto is ‘Trinity UK: you study, we care’ and we are both student focused and flexible.


We have a choice of campuses around the UK where our students can learn and improve their English not only in the classroom with qualified teachers but also through a complete activity and excursion programme with student focussed staff who help students improve speaking skills and understand daily life and British culture in a safe environment. Our system allows students individual attention even within classes, allowing for confidence and improvement in speaking


Our goal is to ensure students achieve their potential while having fun and learning. Working with different Agents around the world allows our students to have the chance to speak and practice the language with other foreign students, both outside and inside the classrooms and as often happens, make new friends.


It is a unique and valuable experience!


Trinity UK, you study, we care.


English courses for everyone

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